Below is some information regarding tasks where we can assist you. Please contact us for more details.

Business Intelligence

Reporting, controlling, predicting what will happen is increasingly complex in heterogenous environments. The consolidation of information from different systems and their central analysis are essential for appropriate corporate governance.

Cloud Services

With our infrastructure partner, we can offer high performance data center facilities. Everything is scalable and adapted according to your needs. One thing is certain: Maximum security for your hosting, housing, backup.

Collaboration Tools

Our life and work style has changed dramatically. Working in home offices, virtual teams, globalization, the increasing travel activities, and time shifts are just some buzz words in this context. How can you manage this in the long term, and how does the human being cope.

Communication worldwide

Businesses need telecommunications services worldwide as a base performance. We can supply this on the spot. In Germany, the BRICS countries or elsewhere, we have the partners specialized in those areas. We have the experience in fixed and mobile communications for voice or data, virtual phone systems, terminals or Internet connections with complementary services.

Corporate Business Development

In Business Development, it is clear that companies need to adapt constantly to the challenges of the market. It's a continuous process, but the question of "how" is not easy to answer. Restrictions are normal, but how can we, from the resources available, ensure maximum benefits. The whole point of view must be taken into account, under budget, consideration of mentalities, restrictive management capacity, etc. Here, we develop strategic concepts and implement them with you pragmatically.

IT Security Solutions

The protection of a company consists of various components. Firewalls, Virswall and Intrusion Detection Systems with their different additional functions play very important roles. The threat changes from day to day. Here, strategies and automated solutions need to enforce business and ordinary user security.

IT Hardware and Software worldwide

Businesses need IT hardware and software worldwide as a base performance. We can supply this on the spot. In Germany, the BRICS countries or elsewhere, we have the partners specialized in those areas.

Mobile Management

Mobile solutions, efficiency and effectiveness while implementing solutions for the management team are critical. Mobility and the increasing international environment is the challenge of today. Everyone has his work style and this must be considered.

Overall Security

The threat for companies or individuals must be considered holistically. Once a part of the spectrum is not taken into account, the entire system can collapse. The hotel Taj Mahal in India, the train in Madrid, a hotel safe in Shanghai, working with WLAN in a lounge, the RFID chip in your card, phishing at home, the special interest and the specific objective of addressing people, the takeaway of customer data or the assessment of a product, the online spying to securing of an employee in an accident abroad, to name just a few examples, are different threats. Attack risks or economic espionage are ubiquitous and must not be trivialized.

Payment Solutions

Credit cards, debit cards, loyalty systems, regional networks and more, from a single source. We advise and assist you with the design, selection, implementation, maintenance and development.

Planning and implementation of tailored data centers and server rooms

Our partners plan and implement data centers of all sizes based on customer needs and availability. The first step in individual counseling is the evaluation of needs, which is essential for implementation of high quality projects.
At the same time, the optimization of space requirements, and power and cooling capacity is included. The more accurately the analysis and planning is carried out, the more efficient and energy-efficient the IT infrastructure will be. Particularly noteworthy are the experiences in the reconstruction of server rooms in operation.

1. Project management
2. Risk & Vulnerability Analysis
3. Security Studies
4. Site selection and optimization
5. Service and maintenance of all components
6. Move Management
7. Financing and insurance concepts
8. Certification
9. Outline planning
10. Basic evaluation
11. General and technical planning
12. Turnkey server rooms and data centers with fixed price guarantee